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Korean Mexican Taco Fusion

Korean marinated pork and ssamjang sauce come together in a fresh tortilla to make a culinary fusion taco. It’s Springing!  OK, it’s really Summer.  My favorite time of the year might be those weeks you can go into your garden and shop for dinner.  Buttercrunch lettuce did really well this year.  I love the crunchy …

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Korean Vegetable Pancake Recipe, also known as Jeon

This savory pancake is a great snack, appetizer or side dish. It’s a great use of extra veggies. Served with an Asian dipping sauce. Yum! Hot off the griddle, that’s how I like them.  Jeon, or Korean Pancakes, are made of a filling, usually vegetables, and a thin Korean pancake batter made with flour, water …

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Weeknight Thai Laab Recipe

Easy Thai Laab that has morphed into an easy weeknight version. Sausage, fresh herbs and Thai spices create a fresh and robust classic Thai dish. Bangkok at night includes crowds meandering through the streets with waves of savory and spicy aromas permeating every street corner.  Couples and friends locked in their own little world, enjoying …

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