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Summer Popsicle Series

Fusion Craftiness

This Summer series is all about POPSICLE RECIPES!  Fruit, yogurt, kefir, siggis, almond milk, spices and natural sweeteners make up this platoon of Summer coolness.  Enjoy and share comments with your own favorite recipes so we can all enjoy:)

Black Forest Popsicle with Dark Chocolate Almond Milk, Cocoa and Cherries

Black Forrest Popsicles with Dark Chocolate Almond Milk. A decadent but healthy Summer Popsicle recipe. Dark chocolate almond milk, extra cocoa and dark cherries make for a rich, chocolatey guilt-free dessert. You are welcome! |


Syn Free Strawberry Banana Creamy Popsicles

Syn Free Strawberry Banana Popsicles | Summer Popsicle Series. 3 Ingredient clean eating popsicles, a smarter way to Summer! Try these and beat the heat, guilt free!

Low calorie and non-fat makes this a healthy, 3-ingredient popsicle for everyone!

Mango Kefir Smart Popsicles

Mango Kefir Smart Popsicles. Cool down with these tasty, healthy popsicles on a hot Summers day! Perfect for picnics, 4th of July and everyday special treats!

With the help of canned mangoes, this 2 ingredient popsicle is both easy and healthy!

Mandarin Orange Smart Popsicles

Mandarin Orange Smart Popsicles| | A smarter way to Summer popsicle with healthy ingredients and no added sugar. Great for the 4th of July or try this today!

Mandarin oranges, frozen OJ and drinkable yogurt makes this tart, orange dessert healthy.

Fruit Froyo Smart Popsicles

Fruit Froyo Smart Popsicles, a healthy and tasty alternative. Just fruit and healthy yogurt makes this popsicle SMART! Perfect for hot Summer days and the 4th of July! |

Make any popsicle recipe with this simple formula with fruit and yogurt.

Fusion Craftiness