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Fruit Froyo Smart Popsicles

This healthy popsicle recipe is brought to you by fruit and vanilla yogurt.  Fruity, creamy and guilt free.  Cool off this Summer with these simple, tasty and healthy popsicles.  Today it’s blueberry and apricot.  For more popsicle goodness check out the Summer Popsicle Series. I really enjoy reaching into a bag of homemade popsicles that …

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French Apricot Tart Recipe | Tarte Aux Abricot

A classic French apricot tart using apricots with step-by-step instructions with pictures. This tart dough is easy to make in a food processor. A special kneading method called fraisage is used to blend the flour and butter together with out making the dough tough. The dough is worked cold and rolled out just like a pie crust.

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