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World inspired taco recipes from Mexico, South America and Korea.

Korean Mexican Taco Fusion

Korean marinated pork and ssamjang sauce come together in a fresh tortilla to make a culinary fusion taco. It’s Springing!  OK, it’s really Summer.  My favorite time of the year might be those weeks you can go into your garden and shop for dinner.  Buttercrunch lettuce did really well this year.  I love the crunchy …

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Chicken Tacos with Creamy Roasted Poblano Sauce

A chicken taco with a savory creamy roasted poblano sauce that is easy to make in a food processor. It’s definitely taco fever.  Symptoms include hoarding peppers, cilantro, onions and lime.  Thoughts perseverating over “Can I wrap a tortilla around that?”  There is no known cure but I understand symptoms abate after about two months …

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