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Traditional Scandinavian recipes.

Scandinavian Lunch Prep | Eat Healthy Like a Swede

Healthy Scandinavian Lunch Meal Prep. An easy and tasty solution for a healthy new year. Salmon salad is served with nutritious crackers and veggie sides. Prepare lunches for the whole week without the guilt.   I don’t know about you but I am overdue for a nutritious re-boot.  The holiday snackage in the break rooms …

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Danish Smorrebrod Recipe with Salmon | an open-faced sandwich

A traditional, Danish open-faced sandwich layered with salmon pate, cream cheese, cucumber, greens and has an egg on it. This healthy and easy Scandinavian Smorrebrod recipe makes a perfect Summer lunch.  This is the best, open-faced sandwich I have eaten so far, I hope you like it too!  Make this for dinner. As an Amazon …

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Danish Sailors Stew | Labskovs

Perhaps the original one-pot-meal that hails from the 1700’s.  This Danish stew was popular on ships back before refrigeration.  Made from salted meat, potatoes and onions, this stew saved the day on long voyages.  Aaaannd guess what?  It’s absolutely delicious!  Not exaggerating, darling daughter kept sneaking in the kitchen to snack on it before it …

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Swedish Dark Cake | Svensk Mork Kaka

A simple and tasty, spongy cake traditionally served with coffee after meals. Swedish dark cake is spiced with cinnamon, cloves and cocoa powder. This easy Swedish Dessert is quick to whip up and bake, try this at your next tea party or coffee klatch.The simplicity of vintage Swedish cookbooks is really appealing to me.  The …

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Swedish Almond Cookie Recipe

A wonderfully nutty and buttery Swedish cookie recipe that is fun to make and absolutely delicious! Butter, almonds and sugar, what could be more delightful? Perfect for a cookie exchange. With a name like Lindquist, one might assume I am all about baking Swedish cookies or at least have a Christmas cookie repertoire that rivals …

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