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Black Forrest Inspired Valentines

Black Forrest Inspired Valentines using homemade whip cream, cherry sauce and chocolate brownies. Decadent chocolate Brownies with homemade whip cream and cherry sauce transforms this German classic into easy and delicious valentines.  The richness of the brownie is perfectly complemented by the airy whip cream and slightly tart cherry sauce.  So get thee into the …

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Everyday Apple Strudel Bites

I LOVE Apple Strudel!  You pretty much have to fly over to Germany or Austria to eat an authentic one, that could take a long time.  DON’T PANIC! I give you an amazingly easy alternative, Everyday Apple Strudel Bites. ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’- English proverb, author unknown although Plato quoted it in Republic.  …

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