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Sending Love to Y’all

Casting LoveCasting Love

Sending love and good wishes you y’all.  Hope  your 4th was safe and joyous.  We had fun ‘painting with sparklers’.  Mr. Craftiness was the cameraman, he did a lovely job.


Technical details:

  1. Use a garden hose to mark out a plane perpendicular to camera, this will show the dancers where the focal spot is.
  2. When its dark, place your subject there with a flashlight pointing at them.
  3. With your camera on a tripod or other stable surface, focus on your subject then take off auto focus and place on manual focus.  Now your camera is focused on your ‘plane’ that is market out with the hose.
  4. Camera Settings on Manual Mode: f5.6, iso 100, shutter speed 8-25 seconds.
  5. When outlining a person with a sparkler as above, have the sparkler about a foot behind the subject so you can outline their silhouette more exact without burning your subject, this works really well and your subject won’t get mad at you.  This also saves you a trip to the ER.
  6. Follow the instructions on the package, ours said to place the burnt up sparkler in a bucket of water which we had on-hand.  Be careful and use common sense, these things are hot!

If  you do this, take a pic and #FusionCraftiness on Instagram, we wanna see!

Take care.