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Holiday Fun With My Girl

My girl and I went on some zany adventures while she was home from college for the Holidays. Here is the evidence. Skiing was on top of the list, at Brighton Ski Resort.Holiday Fun With My Girl

Let the adventurous shenanigans commence…Miss B has arrived.

Actually twice, once for Thanksgiving and once for Christmas break.  Yep, that’s our college student.  Every year since middle school we see less and less of her, as she develops more of a life of her own.  We are in that season of life.  Excited to see her fledge and want to hug her and try to make it all stop at the same time, they grow up SO fast.  I have warned you, don’t blink.

When she is here, we try to cram adventures in, the usual food explorations along with doing something cool, maybe in the wilderness.  This year it was skiing!  YIKES:)  We survived, took some lessons, had a lot of fun.  Learning to ski btw is way easier than learning to snowboard, just in case you were curious.  With snowboarding I was down more than up.  Three days of skiing, I think I only fell twice, and one of those was getting off the ski lift.

Holiday Fun With My Girl

There was a lot of tea drinking and girl talk.  I introduced her to authentic Masala Chai Tea, the good stuff.  I showed her how to make it and she swooned.  I love how she likes to discover new stuff.  A girl after my own heart.

She is also my partner in mischief, literally.  One of our favorite places in Salt Lake City is The Escape Key.  An escape room where you have one hour to solve a myriad of puzzles to escape the room, or…… EXPLODE!!  In theory of course, I think, I don’t really know.  We solved the puzzles before the time was up, once with only NINE SECONDS!!  I know, I KNOW!!  I was screaming too;)

We also visited the Leonardo Museum, also known as The Leo by the locals, which I am not.  I’m an interloper from ‘that other valley’.  You see, I live in Utah Valley and The Leo, is in Salt Lake Valley.  The two valleys touch at ‘The Point‘, a geographical area where two different set of mountains, the Oquirrhs and the Wasatch almost touch, leaving a gap where I-15 juts through connecting both.  But you see, it’s enough to divide us from them.  I kind of kid but I kind of don’t.  I find it kind of amusing, it’s all harmless, I think…. you see, I’m actually a double interloper!  I actually only moved here recently from Texas.  The Utah Valley locals seem OK with that, I think they secretly like Texas, ya know, the way Texas keeps trying to secede from the Union.  I’ll keep you posted.

I almost forgot, Miss B tried to steal a C130 from the museum!  I told you, shenanigans!  The proof is in the picture (below).  I can’t make this stuff up folks!Holiday Fun With My Girl

Apparently feeding Canadian Geese is a thing.  It’s safe to do it in the Fall or Winter but in the Spring, watch out!  They get honnery during mating season.  Not all of the geese migrate, it’s a mystery.  Some stay in SLC during the Winter, it’s probably all the free food they get at Liberty Park.  It’s the newest generation of geese, questionable work ethic I’m sure.

We did enjoy a new culinary experience, The Four Seasons Hot Pot was fun and different.  You get a broth delivered to you and you add in the ingredients from a buffet type bar.  The broth simmers while you scoop out your cooked ingredients and eat them.  It’s all you can eat so it helps to eat slow.  It’s a great place to slow down and have a good conversation with somebody you like.  Not ideal if you are in a hurry.  It was delicious too!

The season is ending and she will be off to school, again… I’m already planning our Summer mischief…stay tuned.

Our favorites in Salt Lake City:

The Escape Key – An escape room with lots of puzzles and suspense.

Brighton Ski Resort – Really good snow quality and a really AMAZING ski school!

Pig & A Jelly Jar – An eclectic, artisanal cafe re-defining southern comfort.

Caputos Market & Deli – If you have ever travelled to Italy, and really missed the food, this is your place to get that kind of artisanal groceries.

Ninth & Ninth Street – An Austin microcosm right here in Salt Lake City.

Oh Mai – Vietnamese restaurant.  This is on our bucket list, thanks to my brother-in-laws recommendation, Bahn Mi and Pho:)  Hopefully we can enjoy this one next Summer.

Liberty Park – The MOST amazing city park I have ever been in.   HUGE, Tracy Aviary, lake, jogging path, multiple play yards for children and….Canadian geese.  Surrounded by spectacular Craftsman Houses in that neighborhood.

The Leonardo – A hands-on museum for the entire family,  devoted to all things Leonardo da Vinci loved.  He was an artist, an engineer, a scientist, an architect, a musician and a humanitarian.

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Whatever your adventure is, enjoy!!