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Handmade Mason Jar Lids

Handmade Mason jar lids by Craftiness.Etsy, made on a lathe, made in the USA. Dave is a woodworker who makes beautiful gifts out of wood and other fine materials.

Handmade Mason jar lids?  ‘No problem’ promises my sweetheart.  He is so talented.  He is Dave, the talent behind my handmade Mason jar lids and proprietor of  He is a wood-turner, also known as a someone who knows how to use a lathe.  Would that be a lather?  Hmm, doesn’t seem right, bubbles come to mind.

Anyway, I love that he took on this challenge because I am always the biggest beneficiary of my husbands creations.  He has made me a pizza cutter, bottle opener, many pens, a knitting Nostepinne, a Knit Spinner, bowls, stitch ripper, wine stopper, fan pulls, needle case and many more items I can’t really remember right now.  In other words, he’s prolific, lucky me!  My favorites are when he makes gifts for family from the farm, it means a lot to his family.  Who knew peach wood is so interesting?

Handmade Mason Jar Lid by Craftiness.Etsy

If you are curious how he made this, there is a 3 minute YouTube video showing him in action!

Wouldn’t these make great gifts?