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A Peppermill That Works!

A pepper grinder that actually works!

A pepper grinder that actually works!

Your unique, hand crafted peppermill is available for purchase at Craftiness.Etsy

Go back in time with this Antique style old-fashioned peppermill. Attractive, foodsafe, and fully functioning, this peppermill is finished with all natural Carnuba wax and Walnut oil to keep wood from drying out.
The knurled nut below the spring, at the top of the grinder mechanism, adjusts the grind from fine to course. Use only for pepper.

Mounted in a lathe turned base of Spectraply (a composite wood engineered from brightly pigmented premium yellow birch veneers) and finished inside with food safe Walnut oil. Great for a rustic table setting.

Peppermill measures 7 1/2″H x 2 1/2″D, 4″W with handle.

I have had gadgets that were more pomp than play.  They tend to clutter up the mysterious abyss in the far reaches of the lowest kitchen cabinets only to resurface when Spring cleaning dictates a run to Goodwill.

Not my pepper mill though, the only pepper grinder that I have been truly satisfied with.  It really cranks out ground pepper and never disappoints.  I have no other pepper mill currently but you can pick up my old ones at Goodwill if you like.  There is a sentimental attachment to this piece of kitchen art, it’s not only beautiful but my husband made this!  Mr. Craftiness has made many wonderful items since taking that fateful wood turning class after retiring from the Army.  Now I am blessed with many fine objects of his affliction affection including wood bowls, bottle openers, nostepinnes and knit spinners.  Oh and the PENS!  I will have to show you sometime…I am lucky, he loves me so.

You can see more of his fine pepper mills here.  For more styles check out Mr. Craftiness’ Home And Fashion page, link is in upper left corner.

Bon Appetit Y’all!