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Food Preservation



Freezing BeetsVegetables

Slicing or chopping vegetables, blanching them,  then freezing them make for an efficient and convenient supply of frozen vegetables.  Scatter vegetables in single layer on baking sheet and freeze.  Remove from freezer, place frozen vegetables in freezer bags and put back in the freezer.  Now you have a ready supply of frozen vegetable to be used in soups, stews, casseroles, smoothies etc.  This method allows for the veggies to freeze individually and not freeze into a block.  You can then pour out the amount you need and place the rest back in the freezer.  Freeze to zero degrees Fahrenheit.  Some vegetable do not need to blanched before chopping and freezing such as onions.  for a list of veggies and their blanching times, read the article put out by the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service.  For detailed information on freezing as a method of food preservation, check out The Department of Agricultures website on Food Safety and Inspection Service.  They have detailed information on food safety as well as how to increase the quality of the food you freeze.