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Farewell 2017

Friends.  Bloggers.  Home cooks.  Thank you for a great year!

Being able to share recipes and fun nerdy facts about food through this blog has been a real blessing.

I started this blog out of boredom during my first Winter in Utah, it was a long cold season.  This adventure inspired me to really cook and learn about food from all over the World.  The experience has been amazing.  I am a better cook and photographer because of this blog and because you keep showing up to learn more.  Thank you.

I hope you have been inspired to take on new challenges, especially in the kitchen.

I do have a little gift for you.  The top 7 recipes that y’all loved in 2017.  They are all keepers too!

  1. Easy Traditional Irish Colcannon
  2. Indian Naan Bread
  3. French Apricot Tart
  4. Lobster Bisque
  5. Zucchini Pakora
  6. Polish Beet Soup
  7. 3 Minute French Sardine Pate

A few of my adventures from this year

Backpacking trip in Washington.

I went on an eight day backpacking trip in the Glacier Peak Wilderness with the Sierra Club.  Sounds crazy, huh?!  I KNOW!  It’s really not.  These leaders really know what they are doing.

I go backpacking with the Sierra Club every year with a friend from Texas.  It’s an incredible experience like no other.  If you decide to go on one of these trips and you have never backpacked before, they have beginner trips which could be helpful.

Challenge yourself, do something cool.  You will have fond memories.


I also went food tripping with my best pal in all things adventurous, our daughter Bianca.  She is almost fearless when it comes to trying new foods, we always have fun.

This time we tried Poutine.  Some dish from the upper midwest and Canada.  I really wanted to try this since the first time I heard about it so I was glad when they offered it at a new-to-me cafe in downtown Provo called Station22.

I didn’t think I would like it.  French fries with gravy and cheese on it?  Um….heart attack!

Folks, this was really, really good.  This is embarrassing to admit but I’m going back for more.

Trying Poutine for the first time.

We also went to an amazing Ramen restaurant where I tried mochi for the first time.  It’s like ice cream but covered in a rice cake coating so it has a slightly chewy texture to the outside which is like play time in your mouth.  It was delicious too!

Trying Mochi for the first time.

And of course, we went skiing.  We only learned last year so we were super excited to hit the slopes again this year.  We were glad to learn that we didn’t forget much from our lessons last year.

Skiing at Brighton.

The day after tomorrow I take this kiddo back to the airport so she can get some more learning at the school she goes to.  Someday she will be a real, bonafide teacher, molding the minds of little human puppies.  I am so proud of her *sniff*.

It’s hard to let her go.  She is learning to fledge, sometimes I am not ready.  The end of the year means saying goodbye to her again.  Part of me wants her to spread her wings and part of me wants to hold on tight.

Until next time.

Skiing with Bianca.

I hope your year was joyous.  May you all have a blessed new year.  Smile often, give thanks, laugh loudly, love others, dream big, think positively, repeat.

Farewell Kenneth Clair Lindquist, I miss you.