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Essential Indian Pantry and Kitchen Items

Common pantry and kitchen items you will find in an Indian kitchen. With just a few ingredients and items, you can easily jump start your Indian culinary journey. Learn more about Indian cuisine here!

Spices fried in a small skillet.


Food Culture in Different Regions of India

Wikipedia lists 37 different regional cuisines in India. The differences between regions is dictated by food that is available in that area, religious and cultural preferences, historical aspects of each region with regard to invaders, colonialists and the spice trade route.

The invaders with the most influence include the Islamic rulers, particularly the Moghuls in 1526. Samosas and rice pilafs were first introduced to Indians by them.

Other Asian invaders from Southeast Asia brought Chinese cuisine to the area. New World finds introduced potatoes, tomatoes, chilis, peanuts and guava.

To go into detail about the regional cuisines is outside the scope of an article and is better suited for a documentary manifesto.

What Is Traditional Indian Food?

Good question. This will depend on each of the 37 regions as well as each families spin on traditional recipes and cooking techniques.

For a peek into an Indian kitchen, check out Anishka’s Indian kitchen. The audio is her own voice, in Hindi, I think. Anyways, a very authentic look into a kitchen from the other side of the Earth.

Indian Steet Food

I absolutely love YouTube for learning about different cuisines. I usually find ideas on Wikipedia and then turn to YouTube. Here is a 15 minute video from Chasing A Plate as they visit different street food buskers.

What Are The Essential Indian Spices?

Refer to the Indian Pantry printable below for a list of essential Indian spices. Check out the Indian Pantry Items card for Amazon links to the spices for your convenience.

If you think you will only cook Indian-ish food once in awhile, check out my article on Panch Phoran, an easy 5-ingredient spice mix you can buy or make yourself. It has the ‘essential’ Indian aromatics.

Essential pantry and kitchen items for Indian cooking. Included are favorite cooking equipment and Indian spices.

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