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Easy Sweet Potato Paratha

Easy Sweet Potato Paratha Recipe and Shortcut. Spicy sweet potatoes are stuffed into a tortilla and fried until golden brown.

sweet potato paratha

The first time I had a paratha was at a farmers market in Austin.  The vendor was handing out samples and boy was I Hooked!  I didn’t know it at the time but he took a major shortcut making this dish and I will share it with you:)


Parathas are a thick, unleavened flatbread that usually have a thin layer of delicious filling inside.  Originating in northern India where wheat is more plentiful, this dish is full of flavor by way of chiles and spices.  They resemble a very thick whole wheat tortilla, but don’t be fooled by their plain appearance, they pack a vibrant, delicious punch!

Quick Paratha

The quickest way to enjoy parathas is by finding an Indian grocer that carries the frozen ones.  These frozen ones are AMAZING!  I even did a little hack and made an egg taco out of it to make it a meal.


Another quick way to enjoy these is to make the filling and sandwich the filling between two whole wheat tortillas, like the vendor at the farmer’s market.  I highly recommend these two easy ways of enjoying these little nuggets but for the less intrepid, I have included a recipe at the end of this post for the long, hand-made version of paratha goodness.

Parathas are great alone or served with eggs, Keema, Dahl, Jeera Aloo and Raita.  Let me know how you served it up!

masalaSweet Potato FillingParatha Filling




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