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A Sweetheart’s Gift Guide For The Cooking Enthusiast

Cookie cutter valentines
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Ciao Bella!

To celebrate our love for each other, my husband and I typically cook each others favorite food.  The foods we eat not only nourish our bodies but our souls and cooking is a loving way to express our gratitude for one another.  Food is ubiquitous during momentous occasions.  Both the big and small celebrations in life involve some sort of devouring of culinary goodies.  Food acts like a catalyst for togetherness, where memories are shared and laughter lingers.

Below is a collection of thoughtful gifts for the cooking enthusiast in your life.  Whether it is Valentine’s Day, Christmas or the birthday of your life partner, there is something below for all of the special people in your life that love to cook.


Sunday 29th of January 2017

Love that fondue pot! I also have a similar waffle maker and really love it.


Sunday 29th of January 2017

Hey Kitty, I listened to an episode on Splendid Table about fondue and am really inspired. I always thought of it as a kitchy fad but apparently there's more to it. I really like the communal aspect to it too, oh and the cheese, it's almost all about the cheese.