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8 Places to eat in American Fork, Utah

8 Places to eat in American Fork

Who doesn’t love a great road trip that includes food?  American Fork is a small town of about 37,000 people.  There aren’t that many places to eat that aren’t large chains or franchises.  There is a small franchise and chain on this list but the food is good, their stories are real and both started locally.  Enjoy!


Number 1

Tangies Cafe

2 E Main Street


8 Places to eat in American Fork, Utah

This is a place where everybody knows your name.  They serve breakfast all day and since we love their bacon, we have only been ordering breakfast, even at noon.  There is only one waitress so if it fills up you will have to wait a lil bit.  The food is really good, especially, um….the bacon.  I love the hash browns and the way they cook my eggs over medium.  It’s just perfect.  Did I mention, they have great bacon?

Number 2


362 E. State Street


Gandolfos Taxi Driver, a real New York Sammich

Some people moved to Provo from NEW YORK CITY!  I can only imagine the culinary culture shock.  New York has everything.  They missed the flavors of their home state and opened a New York style deli in Salt Lake City, then three more stores before franchising out into 13 states.  It’s a great story and I am thankful they chose American Fork.  My sammich?  The Taxi Driver, pastrami, pepper jack, sautéed onions, grilled jalapeños and spicy mustard on sourdough.


 Number 3

Avenue Bakery

35 Barratt Avenue



Tucked into a quaint, historic district off of State Street, Avenue Bakery was a real gem of a find.  I get a loaf of bread every time I go in, if they aren’t sold out, which happens daily.  I love their sourdough and French loaves.  I don’t have a sweet tooth ordinarily but I have a weakness for their pastries, they remind me of Paris.  That’s Paris, France not Paris, Texas y’all.  I know, Lone Star blasphemy.   They have a selection of gluten free items as well, made by a gluten free pastry chef right there in the bakery.  She comes in once a week or so to make sure American Forkians don’t run out of there GF edibles.  They serve breakfast and lunch as well.

Number 4

Thai Village

208 W. Main Street


7 Places to eat in American Fork

We had an enjoyable lunch on the porch of this grand old house.  I had the Red Curry which was fantastic and hubby had the Pad Thai.  Try the Thai ice tea, it’s lovely.  All of the charm remains in this turn of the century house, there’s even penny tile in the bathroom.



 Number 5

Sushi House

705 S 500 E


7 Places to eat in American Fork

This is a great place to go if you are either new to sushi or are a sushiphile.  The selection is suitable for every taste and the portions are generous.  The restaurant is clean, the seafood is fresh and the service is good.  If you need a fix, this is the place.



Number 6

Route 67

456 E. State Street #1200


7 Places to eat in American Fork

Their mission statement says it all: “To embrace a bold and innovative approach to Mexican cuisine that ignites the senses and fires up the passionate foodie within. Oh… we also have this vision of taking over the world! One hot pepper at the time, mmmmmwwwwahahahahahaha! (Evil laughter sound effect required)”  I enjoy their tacos, it reminds me of the creative fusion that is prevalent in Austin, Texas, *sniff*.  Try the Pomegranate Steak or Street Tacos.  Yum!

Number 7

El Mexiquense Grill

74 N/W State Street


7 places to eat in American Fork

I haven’t eaten here yet but it’s at the top of my list of eateries to try.   It’s rated really high in Trip Advisor and Google Reviews.  The three chefs are from Mexico, how authentic can you get?  They are known for their al pastor, spit grilled meat, so I would start there.  If you go, leave a comment, I wanna know all about it, I’m creepy that way.


 Number 8

Benny’s Espresso

627 E. State Street


7 Places to eat in American Fork

OK, I know, most people don’t eat their coffee and Italian sodas but I wanted to give this place a shout-out.  Truth be told, I have only tried their Dirty Chai Latte because it’s that good, I can’t move on.  Once they put in a little too much syrup for my taste making it too sweet, but don’t worry, I didn’t waste it, I managed.  They have a super large selection of hot and cold drinks, and these girls are fast at getting your order out.  Great service.


American Fork Trivia

  1. Which boys coming-of-age film had a carnival scene that was filmed on State Street near Robinson Park?  Answer: The Sandlot
  2. Which 1984 movie hit had it’s opening scene filmed in American Fork?  Answer: Footloose
  3. Which steel company is honored by Steel Days Celebration week in American Fork? Answer: Columbia Steel Company built Geneva Steel Mill just south of American Fork in Vineyard, Utah.  The workers lived in American Fork and were grateful for the economic impact the steel mill had on the residents during WWII.  Geneva cabinets are making a comeback, they are collectors items.
  4. In the 1860’2, American Fork was first to offer what in the entire Utah territory?  Answer: Public education.